HP Envy 13-d014tu

HP Envy 13 is definitely a good laptop that offers an all-aluminum build, a beautiful matte display, good performance and high battery life makes it a very likable  package.


Detailed Review

There are only a handful of options available for you if you are planning to buy a powerful ultra-book that runs windows OS. The options you have are the very dashing and styling Dell XPS 13 and then there is HP Envy 13. I have been using HP Envy 13 for almost a month and a half now and what I can say is that, it is slim, powerful and more affordable than Dell’s XPS 13.

Design and Build:

While HP has kept the design simple, offering a look that is very similar to Apple’s Macbook Air, HP has taken a completely new approach to design. The aluminum body of HP’s Envy 13 is brushed and looks elegant and beautiful from different angels. With 1.29cm thickness, this is HP’s slimmest laptop till date and it weights at 1.27kg which is really impressive. All the panels including the base cover are made of aluminum.

The laptop is taken a good care by providing a reliable grip underneath the laptop. It comes with a slightly raised keyboard which is good for typing. While the ventilation grill is kept very discrete, the exhaust is skillfully hidden below the back ridge. There is a satisfying experience while opening and closing the lid.

On the I/O front, the HP Envy 13 covers all the basic ports. It comes with the lock slot, SD card slot, 1 USB 3.0 port and a headphone mic combo jack on the left side. On the right, it has power connector, HDMI port and two USB 3.0 ports. The USB port on the left can be used as an external battery pack for other devices as it is always powered, even if it is in the sleep mode.


As soon as you open the lid, you will be stunned by seeing this beautiful 1080p display. It comes with matte coating which makes it look much better and easier to use. Even under the sunlight, its legibility is much better than laptops with glossy displays and the viewing angles are great. The display quality on the DELL XPS is slightly better than that on HP’s Envy 13. HP does make different variant of laptop that comes with 2k panel, but sadly, it isn’t available globally.

Keyboard and Touchpad

The typing experience on this chiclet keyboard is decent and the layout, key spacing are good enough. If you are over enthusiastic while you are typing, you might also discover a slight flex in the keyboard. The keyboard is backlit and the function keys can be used directly. Home, End, Page-Up and Page-down are adjusted on the arrow keys which is fine on smaller laptops.

The touchpad which is below the keyboard is slight flawed. It supports all kinds of Windows gestures and is pretty accurate throughout. At times, it becomes completely unresponsive which is irritating. I guess, it is a software issue which HP can easily solve it with a quick update. While the left mouse click works almost on the entire touchpad except the top portion, the right click works on the bottom right corner only.


Powered by an Intel Core i7 processor (6500U) and 8 GB RAM, the laptop churns out a good performance. The processor is fast enough to do almost everything you throw at it- multiple chrome tabs in multiple windows, Full HD videos and even the less demanding games which requires high configuration runs surprisingly well at medium settings. It doesn’t get extremely hot while doing this tasks, which is a real good thing. The 256 GB Samsung made M.2 Sata III drive offers fast boot times. The read and write speeds are quite good. The fingerprint scanner that comes on this machine works 9 out of 10 times. In addition to this, Envy 13 comes with 720p camera above the display which is acceptable at best.

As we know, the Bang and Olufsen stereo speaker setup is present across the Envy range, it is no different in this case. The sound quality is good as it comes with the dual speaker setup, but they aren’t that loud. Audio output vis headphones is enhanced and can be considered as one of the best in the market.


Once charged, the HP Envy 13 is able to last for about 8-9 hours on normal loads such as browsing or Microsoft office. The battery life narrows down to 6 hours if you watch Full HD movies. This is comparatively good but it losses by a small margin when it is compared to that of Dell’s XPS13 or Apple’s MacBook Air but then again, this machine is slimmer than its main rivals.


This is definitely a good laptop. The all-aluminum build, a beautiful matte display, good performance and commendable battery life makes it a good buy. There are few rough edges as slightly flawed touchpad, not so impressive camera, but considering its price, this machine offers much more in less. I still believe that, if the battery life could have been slightly better and HP would have released its version with 2K display globally, its competition with Dell’s XPS 13 and Apples MacBook Air would have been levelled. If you are considering powerful and ultra-portable laptop, the HP Envy 13 is a perfect buy and it won’t disappoint you.

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